Book Review: The Truth About You and Me by Amanda Grace


From Goodreads:

Smart girls aren’t supposed to do stupid things.

Madelyn Hawkins is super smart. At sixteen, she’s so gifted that she can attend college through a special program at her high school. On her first day, she meets Bennett. He’s cute, funny, and kind. He understands Madelyn and what she’s endured – and missed out on – in order to excel academically and please her parents. Now, for the first time in her life, she’s falling in love.

There’s only one problem. Bennett is Madelyn’s college professor, and he thinks she’s eighteen – because she hasn’t told him the truth.

The story of their forbidden romance is told in letters that Madelyn writes to Bennett – both a heart-searing ode to their ill-fated love and an apology.



I want to hate this book for giving us, readers, such a melancholy ending for our  lead characters.

And I also want to be happy that it ended in a way that these two characters find their own happiness even if it means they’d have to do it on separate paths.

But I just can’t. Let me get my thoughts straight and finish this review (after being on a hiatus for like forever) without getting myself so much into it I feel like I am Madelyn.

Yes, the story is a forbidden relationship between a teacher and student, with Maddy lying about (in a subtle yet really sneaky way) her real age to her Bio professor, Mr. Bennett (who’ve been in a devastating relationship before meeting Maddy).

And yes, they got caught and Bennett almost got prisoned, but didn’t so he move thousand miles away from Madelyn to move on and live a new life.

So what makes this any different from any other student-teacher love story you’ve read before?

Not much difference actually.

But this light read will make you reminisced how in every adult or young adult in us, we actually had an infatuation with our teacher/instructor/professor before- and have an actual realization that maybe our feeling were or weren’t true, but it’s a feeling that we will never forget until we’re old and gray.

And somehow I’ve had this thought that this also goes to show that somehow the infatuation we have felt that had never escalated into things we have imagined, goes to say that we are just young individuals craving for attention and companion just like how Maddy have craved it from Bennett since her family highly focuses on her getting good grades and getting in good Uni with a nice course.

But nevertheless, thank you Ms. Amanda Grace for happily breaking my heart. Hoping to read good books from you soon!



Batch ’81 Sequence Treatment


     Napuno ng halakhakan at nakabibinging ingay ng pagbati ang kaarawan ng master ng AKO. Sa kabilang banda ay nanatiling tahimik si Sid habang nakangiting pinagmamasdan ang kanyang mga kasamahan. Naglalaro sa kanyang isipan ang pakiramdam ng maging tunay at ganap na miyembro ng AKO. Ang maging master at magkaroon din ng sariling taga-sunod.


     Maya-maya ay tumayo ang isang taga-AKO upang kumuha ng champagne. Ngunit, naubos na pala ito at nauwi sila sa isang bote ng beer. Inabot nya ito sa kanilang leader na may kakaibang ngiti sa kanyang labi. Nang mahawakan ito ng leader ay unti-unting bumakas ang misteryosong ngiti sa kanyang mukha na naging dahilan upang kutuban ng masama si Sid. Binuksan ng leader ang takip ng beer at sinabing ipauubaya nya sa kanilang mga future brothers ang pag-inom sa beer. Bakas ang kaba at takot sa mga mukha ng tao sa kanilang paligid. Hindi maitatago ang pangambang hindi lamang ito isang simpleng paglagok ng alak mula sa baso. Maya-maya ay ibinuhos na ng leader ang alak at ibinigay ito sa isang initiate sa kanyang kaliwa. Nagulat ang lahat nang iutos ng leader na iluwa muli niya ang kanyang ininom na alak bago ipasa sa kanyang kasunod. Bakas ang takot at hesitasyon sa kanyang mukha ngunit wala itong nagawa kundi sundin ang utos ng kanilang leader.


     Nag-aalinlangan nya itong pinasa kay Quintos na hindi maatim na hawakan o titigan man lang ang baso. Aalma sana si Quintos ngunit hindi nya magawang maka-hindi sa nais ng kanyang Master. Ininom nya ito at iniluwa ang nasa bibig bago ipasa ang nasa bibig. Inutusan naman si Quintos na kuhaan ng litrato ang mga susunod na miyembro na iinom ng beer. Ipinasa ni Quintos sa sunod na kasamahan ang beer na ininom nya agad at iniluwa ang nasa bibig matapos sabihin ang kanilang sumpaan sa fraternity. Agad naman nya itong pinasa sa Propesor ng grupo na ininom ito ng walang patumpik-tumpik bago sabihin ang karugto sa sumpaan ng samahan.


     Hindi naman maipinta ang mukha ni Magtibay nang sya ang sumunod. Halos mautal-utal ito sa pagbigkas ng kanilang sumpaan. Naka-ilang sampal ang inabot ni Sid mula sa kanilang Master dahil mali ang kanyang sinabing linya sa sumpaan. Nang tumama ay agad nyang nilagok ito at ibinaba sa mesa. Kinuha naman ito ng master at iniabot sa unang miyembro na uminon nito at inutusang lagukin nya ito lahat. Nagulat ang lahat at namutla ang binata dahil hindi nya maaatim pang inumin ito. Ngunit, hindi sya makapalag kaya wala itong nagawa kundi sundin ang utos ng kanyang Master.


     Matapos noon ay muli silang kumanta ng Happy Birthday habang maduwal-duwal sa kinauupuan ang binatang huling uminom. Tumungo ito sa banyo at doon nagsuka. Inutusan ng Master na kuhaan iyon ni Quintos ng litrato. Habang ang lahat ay nagsasaya ay wala sa isip na pumapalakpak si Sid habang nakatitig sa kasamahang patuloy na nagsusuka.


     Maraming bumabagabag sa isip ni Sid ng mga oras na iyon. Kung hanggang saan pa ba ang kakayanin nila upang mapabilang sa fraternity na ito, kung labis na ba lahat ng ipinapagawa ng kanilang  Master at ibang miyembro ng AKO sa kanila at kung kakayanin pa ba nila na maging buo hanggang sa dulo ng inisasyon. Pero, higit sa lahat, nangingibabaw sa isip at puso nya ang matinding sidhi na manatili at tapusin ang kanyang nasimulan. Nais nyang may mapatunayan sa lahat na may patutunguhan ang lahat ng kanilang pinagdaraanan.


Film Review

A Review on Telenobela ni Juan at Luzviminda and Hanapbuhay

Telenobela ni Juan at Luzviminda did a great job on uniquely executing a film that talks about democracy. Instead on sticking with the usual dramatic and kind of bloody way of expressing democracy, the film chose a different way of delivering the message to the public- animation. And I must admit that it’s really an eye-catcher and meaningful at the same time.

The exchange of lines between Juan (representing a Filipino) and Luzviminda (representing the Philippines) was really good. If you look at it in a I’m-a-simple-viewer-here way, you can depict that they were arguing about Luzviminda adamantly refusing Juan’s favor of her having a child with him. But, when you look at it in a different picture, you’ll realize that it was all about the Philippines and how we thought we have really claimed democracy when in fact we actually haven’t.

Overall, the establishment of the film was great and I do hope that future filmmakers should pursue peculiar ways of making films because it may sharpen the humor of the audience and might as well wake them up from reality.

Hanapbuhay was one of the most humorous film I’ve ever watched in my entire existence. Isn’t it quite ironic that the film was all about the growing population of the Philippines and yet the story was all about a man whose job and life depends on dead/soon-to-die people? Now, I must say that whoever is the intelligent man behind this story deserves a two-thumbs up- did a great job on creating a really cool film. A way to wake up the dreamy society of ours.

With the growing population of the Philippines, the chances of having a better life are down into a thin line that a naked eye couldn’t decipher at all. So, whether we like it or not, we stick to the ones that can make us live even for just a day. Isn’t it awful to think that in order to live we are hopeful that somehow, somewhere, someone is taking his last breath so that ours could be extended for tomorrow? And I think that’s the ugly truth that the film conveys- because of the unreliable way of how our Government works, education that we should all have but it’s only the wealthy who can actually acquire it, we are left with nothing but dreadful choices. When we’re all tied up with endless struggles, we sometimes thought that living this world was the best choice we could ever made.

The film was also funny. Again, this film went through a different path of presenting it’s theme. You’ll laugh with how the lines and scenes were establish, and the execution will intrigue you because it gives you the chance to be curious at everything that was happening in it.

Watching these two epic films made me realized that we should invest in making worth watching indie films. Filipino filmmakers have the guts and intelligence in competing with other international films.