Poem: Metallica


You cut me with your words

You broke me with your eyes

You let me into your world

But, only as a broken star

Revenge is good

To see you cry is a triumph

To be with you is a dream

Revenge did this to us

I wished I never believe

To everything you said

To everything you promised

They are just bubbles that burst

I let you hold my hand

I barely felt yours

I wished I had known enough

You’d left it hanging in the end


Poem: Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go

Maybe we are not meant

But, we defy everything

We are hungry for attention

Desperate for warmth

I feel my own tears

Pouring like bitter rain

I feel my own heart

Breaking like a glass

Can’t contain these feelings

Barely breathing from sorrow

Surely, it isn’t love

When we care for ourselves

How can I see world

When it’s full of darkness

How can we see world

If we kept closing our eyes

Lies behind beauty

Betrayal behind smiles

How can I see the real world

If you kept me hidden

Poem: Caroline


Star gazing at full moon

Lips tugging a smile

Eyes that are drowning

Hands that are warm

Air around dances

Breeze blew little secrets

Glowing lights give colors

Noise sounds like melody

I can see and feel

Everything that you felt

When you look at her

And when I look at you

Her eyes are your vision

Her presence is your galaxy

Everything that she is

Is everything I wish to be

Poem: Find Me A World


I lost count of words

That signifies your soul

I lost count of time

That you noticed it

Eyes twitch to hide tears

Mouth shuts from babbling

Lump in the throat hurts

I can’t keep still

Who’s the real coward

Between two hopeless individuals

The one who loves dearly

Or the one who loves in distance

Poem: If You Come Back

If You Come Back

Seven years is enough

To grasped fully

That this love we have

It is the love that’s true

Moments I wish you come back

Times that I don’t

We will get hurt

And I love you

Heart pounds again

Bonds keep us together

Invisible line connects

Yes, you are my first love

You come back

You make me dream endlessly

But I live by the memory

I never want it to be real

Grasping For Future

I close my eyes and dream of life

I close my eyes and open my heart

I open my heart and let it feel life

I open my eyes and heart and saw uncertainty

I’m running fast towards doubt

And now I want to take back what I’ve done

I want to go back to all the innocence

‘Cos I’m much of a coward to act tough

If you are listening to me,

Can you please see through me my essence?

I felt so misplaced in this world

Like breathing was never meant for me

Hear Me Out

I tried to look at you

But you just turn away

I tried to open up myself

But you just refused to look at it

I am a big mess in this world

And I do nothing but to crumble

I am finding myself a purpose

But all I did is to cry and mourn

I wish words can speak everything

That they’ll have voice to use

And that I don’t have to speak for myself

‘Cos feelings and conviction are not enough

I always stay in the dark

Looking for the bright light

I always stay in the dark and look for the light

‘Cos I thought you’d come and save me

I am strong and I am not

I am brave and I am not

You are there and you’re not

And I am lost and so you are



Acceptance does matter

It does, when you can’t get over with

All those painful memories and tears you’ve made

It does, when there’s no other choice

But to accept the repercussions of everything

It does, when all the good memories start to fade

And acceptance does matter, when you have to let go of something

That force to stay away from you

No Chance

No Chance

Whenever I come to think of you,

I always came up preparing words for me to say to you

I always thought of what typical place we would meet

But, destiny is really playful

You always came up in front of me

Without any signs or permission

Therefore, I ended up stunned and speechless

Even if I’m willing to do the dumbest things for you

To notice me, it would just end up to be a mess

‘Coz we are not bound to share happiness with each other

But, no matter how hard I try to forget you,

Still, the pain lingers and my love for you is still there.



Once in our life, we met persons which

Shines as brightly as the stars in the sky

They are unreachable

They are priceless

Yet, they can’t see your value

No matter how much you show your love

‘Coz you are miles away from them

Stars are meant for stars, right?

Sometimes you have to face the reality

That we can’t get all what we want for

They also want someone better than you

For love, in one way or another

Really hurts…