Poem: Metallica

Poem: Metallica


You cut me with your words

You broke me with your eyes

You let me into your world

But, only as a broken star

Revenge is good

To see you cry is a triumph

To be with you is a dream

Revenge did this to us

I wished I never believe

To everything you said

To everything you promised

They are just bubbles that burst

I let you hold my hand

I barely felt yours

I wished I had known enough

You’d left it hanging in the end

Poem: Never Let Me Go

Poem: Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go

Maybe we are not meant

But, we defy everything

We are hungry for attention

Desperate for warmth

I feel my own tears

Pouring like bitter rain

I feel my own heart

Breaking like a glass

Can’t contain these feelings

Barely breathing from sorrow

Surely, it isn’t love

When we care for ourselves

How can I see world

When it’s full of darkness

How can we see world

If we kept closing our eyes

Lies behind beauty

Betrayal behind smiles

How can I see the real world

If you kept me hidden

Poem: Caroline

Poem: Caroline


Star gazing at full moon

Lips tugging a smile

Eyes that are drowning

Hands that are warm

Air around dances

Breeze blew little secrets

Glowing lights give colors

Noise sounds like melody

I can see and feel

Everything that you felt

When you look at her

And when I look at you

Her eyes are your vision

Her presence is your galaxy

Everything that she is

Is everything I wish to be

Poem: If You Come Back

Poem: If You Come Back

If You Come Back

Seven years is enough

To grasped fully

That this love we have

It is the love that’s true

Moments I wish you come back

Times that I don’t

We will get hurt

And I love you

Heart pounds again

Bonds keep us together

Invisible line connects

Yes, you are my first love

You come back

You make me dream endlessly

But I live by the memory

I never want it to be real

Grasping For Future

Grasping For Future

I close my eyes and dream of life

I close my eyes and open my heart

I open my heart and let it feel life

I open my eyes and heart and saw uncertainty

I’m running fast towards doubt

And now I want to take back what I’ve done

I want to go back to all the innocence

‘Cos I’m much of a coward to act tough

If you are listening to me,

Can you please see through me my essence?

I felt so misplaced in this world

Like breathing was never meant for me

Hear Me Out

Hear Me Out

I tried to look at you

But you just turn away

I tried to open up myself

But you just refused to look at it

I am a big mess in this world

And I do nothing but to crumble

I am finding myself a purpose

But all I did is to cry and mourn

I wish words can speak everything

That they’ll have voice to use

And that I don’t have to speak for myself

‘Cos feelings and conviction are not enough

I always stay in the dark

Looking for the bright light

I always stay in the dark and look for the light

‘Cos I thought you’d come and save me

I am strong and I am not

I am brave and I am not

You are there and you’re not

And I am lost and so you are